ESTPA East of Scotland Track Cycling Promoters Association

How the league works

The Track League is a season long competition run on Tuesdays from the end of April to the beginning of September. Each week points are won in a variety of events towards the end of season totals. As well as the Open Track League for the Andy Graham Memorial Trophy, separate leagues are held for Women (Ladies Trophy), Juniors (GAN Trophy)and Youths (Bryce Shield). Separate competitions are also held for the Sprinters Ladder and Morgan Trophy Keirin League. In addition to the season long league, separate mini-season leagues are run. One mini-season will run from April to the end of June, while the other will runs from July to September.

 Point scoring

All riders at Track League are placed in an appropriate ability group(A-D). This way all riders can be competitive and can demonstrating their progression as they are ‘promoted’ up the ability groups. ‘A’ events are scored 5,3,2 for 1st 2nd, 3rd respectively. ‘B’ events are scored 3, 2, 1 and ‘C’ events are scored 2, 1. ‘D’ events are restricted to Youth riders and mostly score 3,2,1. For the main distance events at the end of each evening, Handicap and Keirin points are 5,3,2,1. Winners of heats also get an additional 1 point. These points count towards the Open League and the Womens, Junior and Youth Leagues. Additional points are available for Women, Juniors and Youths in their own events and certain other events.

 Each week updated League positions (for all categories and leagues) will be available on the web at (normally by 11pm on the day of the event).

 Sprinters Ladder

The first week of attending a track league you will be asked to do a flying lap. These times are used initially to seed everyone. On Sprint Ladder evenings the top 12 seeds will participate in the sprint ladder event made up of 4 x 3up heats. The loser of each heat will be demoted a place in the seedings and heat winners will be promoted a seed. Points will be scored 3,2,0; 2,1,0; 1,0,0; 1,0,0 for the respective heats towards the overall league as well as the Sprinters Ladder.

 Keirin League

Heats and a final will be run regularly with the finalists scoring 6,5,4,3,2,1 towards the Keirin League as well as 5,3,2,1 for the overall league. The 12 riders with the highest points will be invited to ride in a semi-final and final with the winner of the final being awarded the Morgan Trophy.

 Other Details

Unless you have a Season Ticket you will have to pay an entry fee each week. Your first night sign-on fee includes your membership fee to the Track League for the season. Each week thereafter you pay a entry fee. Your number is yours for the season and does not need to be returned at the end of the season. In order to keep entry fees to a minimum there are no cash prizes for Track League – just the pure satisfaction of winning or participating.

 Please help by always ensuring you bring your number every week. Riders failing to wear their race number may have 2 points deducted for the evening. Please be ready for your event promptly and know what events/heats you are in by listening to the announcer.