ESTPA East of Scotland Track Cycling Promoters Association

12 June

June 12 (week 9)    
  Name Club Time
Flying lap for new riders    
  Chris Smart Paisley Velo Race Team 17.2
A riders 15 lap scratch    
1 Bruce Croall City of Edinburgh RC 4.51.64
2 Scott Macrae    
3 Jeremy Greengrass Vortex RT  
B riders 12 lap scratch    
1 Chris Smart Paisley Velo Race Team 4.01.80
2 Ben Peacock Paisley Velo Race Team  
3 Jonathan Cosh Paisley Velo Race Team  
C riders 8 lap block handicap    
1 Jay Burgess Sandy Wallace Cycles 2.58.50
2 Louise Haston City of Edinburgh RC  
3 Jonathan Biggin Paisley Velo Race Team  
Youth riders 4 lap block handicap  
1 Matthias Barnet Edinburgh RC 1.28.44
2 Emma Forsyth Edinburgh RC  
3 Sean Flynn Edinburgh RC  
Sprinters Ladder (selected riders)  
Heat 1      
1 Scott Macrae   12.9
2 Gus Gilles www.bicy