ESTPA East of Scotland Track Cycling Promoters Association


Provisional Programme  Version at 6 September 2012  
Subject to change to suit numbers signing on and prevailing weather conditions.
Saturday     Signing On
  Team Sprint Qualifying 08:00 – 9:00
  Womens pursuit Qualifying 08:00 – 9:00
  Team Sprint Finals  
  Pursuit Qualifying 08:00 – 9:00
  Kilo Final  
  Team Sprint Victory ceremony  
  Sprint Qualifying 8:00 – 12.00
  Kilo Victory ceremony  
  Sprint Round 1  
  U16 Boys Pursuit Qualification 8:00 – 12.00
  Sprint Round 1 Rep  
  Sprint Round 2  
  Sprint B Round 1  
  Junior Women Pursuit Finals 8:00 – 14.00
  Sprint B Round 1 Rep  
  Sprint 1/2 final  
  Sprint B Quarter Finals  
  U16 Boys Pursuit Finals  
  Womens Pursuit Finals  
  Sprint B 1/2 Finals  
  Sprint B Minor final  
  Womens pursuit Victory ceremony  
  U16 Boys Pursuit Victory ceremony  
  Junior Womens pursuit Victory ceremony  
  Sprint B Final  
  Sprint Minor final  
  Sprint Final   
  Pursuit Finals  
  Pursuit Victory ceremony  
  Sprint Victory ceremony  

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