ESTPA East of Scotland Track Cycling Promoters Association


The East of Scotland Track Cycling Promoters Association (ESTPA) was formed in 2011. It aims to co-ordinate and promote track cycling for the Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders local authority regions primarily through the promotion of events and enhancement of the provision of track cycling facilities.

ESTPA’s membership comprises Meadowbank Track League, the East of Scotland Cycling Association and individual event promoters. ESTPA’s activities are overseen by an elected Executive Committee with various sub committees formed as required to undertake different aspects of activities.

ESTPA is the main promoter of the major track cycling events in Scotland including the Edinburgh Meadowbank Grand Prix and the Scottish Track Championships.

In April 2012, ESTPA entered into an agreement with the City of Edinburgh Council to take over the management and operation of Meadowbank Velodrome.